On&On SF

On&On + Public Works Presents Bedouin, KMLN (live), Billy Caso (live), Ramona Wouters

Bedouin, KMLN (live), Billy Caso (live), Ramona Wouters presented by On&On + Public Works

Main Room
Bedouin (All Day I Dream, Get Physical)
KMLN (Sol Selectas)

Billy Caso Live (Tal Der Verwirrung, Germany)
Ramona Wouters (Below Radar, SF / Belgium)

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Bedouin is a Brooklyn-based production & DJ partnership between nomads Tamer Malki and
Rami Abousabe who are creating their own idiosyncratic spell of melodies and rhythms.
Together they share an eclectic sonic vision that pulls from diverse influences owing to their
Middle Eastern heritage, Western upbringing, and world travels. Their combined musical
backgrounds and ever-evolving taste captures the sensibility of imagination and constantly
explores the connection between ourselves and the future.

KMLN (Sol Selectas)

In the Burning Man dusts of 5 years gone by, a story of two wanderers with a history for cross-pollinatingthe sounds of yesterday with the sounds oftomorrowfound their moment. With a shared taste in gourmet percussion, deep and rare rhythms, and cosmic culture, what resulted was KMLN — one of the most time-bending and pulsating acts currently circulating the global deep-eclectic house dance movement.Behind KMLN (pronounced Kameleon) is Shawna Hofmann and Christopher Tooker, electric future-shepherds with two very different backgrounds. While Chris was growing up in Italy devoting himself to learning the pantheon of musical genres, from jazz to psych rock, and becoming a multi instrumentalist with an obsession for poly rhythms, Shawna was absorbing the traditional sounds ofglobal culture byattendingthe longest largest running music folkfestival in the world inWinnipeg. Eventually they both found their ways to electronic music and years later forged a soundthat brings all oftheir tastes into one feast. Now, the duo spend time in exotically tribal lands throughout the less travelled world finding the source of rare and authentic sounds which often make their way onto tracks they release on labels such as Sol Selectors and Touch Of Class. At events around the globe, from Symbiosis Gathering and Lightning in a Bottle in USA, Shambhala in Canada, Wonderfruit in Thailand, BPM in Mexico, Powerful in Turkey, to clubs such as Katerblau & Watergate in Berlin, The Brooklyn Mirage, Flash DC, Great Northern SF, Woomoon Ibiza, Grand Factory in Beirut. Whether at the peak of the night or bringing bodies back to earth at sunrise, their musical twist of world infused deep melodic shape-shifting house/tech/minimal electronicais focused on making us move

Billy Caso Live (Tal Der Verwirrung, Germany)

Following various aliases Billy Caso was formed with the hunger for melodic synthesis.
Within the first year a loyal international fan base has formed around his unique melodic live performances and intricate musical understanding.