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Alter Ego feat. Ellen Alien, Kim Ann Foxman, DJ M3

Alter Ego – Ellen Allien / Kim Ann Foxman / DJ M3 / Shane One / Alvaro Z at The Great Northern

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Xx Ellen Allien xX
>> https://soundcloud.com/ellen-allien
>> https://www.facebook.com/EllenAllien/

Xx Kim Ann Foxman xX
>> https://soundcloud.com/KimAnnFoxman
>> https://www.facebook.com/kimannfoxman/

Xx DJ M3 xX
>> https://soundcloud.com/djm3sf
>> https://www.facebook.com/DJM3SanFrancisco/

In The Red Room:: Shane One and Alvaro Z


Ellen Allien is shaping, supporting, stimulating, forming and foremost moving to the electronic music universe. She is famous for her eclectic DJ set´s, where she combines perfectly a wide range of styles. As a born, living and working girl from Berlin, she got something, that not many colleagues of her can call their own: a dynamic, freedom loving hometown with a vibrant club and party scene, that supports and forms her passion since decades. As a DJ, musician, producer, label-manger and creative all-rounder, she inhaled all her encounters with the electronic music culture deeply and carved her very own space while creating a one-off artistic universe.
After growing a global reputation as a DJ and producer of mid-nighties Acid, Minimal and Techno, she launched her label BPitch Control in 1999 in Berlin and transformed it into a hub of techno, house and other electronic sounds from beyond. Additionally, she acts out her other devotion and designs t-shirts and cloth for her label, too. During all that time, airports, planes and countless clubs been her second home and she lived the life of an international demanded DJ, that got strong followers all around the globe.
Today she held DJ residencies in clubs like DC10 / Ibiza or Nitsa / Barcelona. You find her frequently on the bills of festivals like as Melt in Germany or Name in France. Furthermore, her new event series „We Are Not Alone“, her instore series “Vinylism” and BPitch Control showcases worldwide are filling up her busy day to day, night to night schedule. As she listens to music all day, she also launched the weekly radio show “Braincandy”, that gets broadcasted on Ibiza Sonica Radio every Monday from 7-8pm.
Beside all these activities, there is also an inner voice in Ellen Allien’s soul, that hums throughout her entire life. It tells her stories in sound, that she constantly forms into new aural adventures, most recently on her EP’s „Landing xx“ [BPC328], „Turn Off Your Mind“ [BPC324] (2016), and „High“ [BPC315] (2015) – three records that bewitch with dark, new-wave-laden techno, shaky electronics and demanding Tech-House. Also, she isn’t afraid of telling long musical story arcs, as her latest, diversified album’s “Dust” [BPC217] from 2010 and „LISm“ [BPC264] from 2013 point out. A huge artistic output, that is celebrated all over the world and has even been performed at temples of modern art such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris.
In all this bustle as a fixed star in the electronic music galaxy, Ellen Allien stayed human and independent after all and shares her enthusiasm with others: her creative base and label BPitch Control, her fellow musicians and her deeply moving audience. And as an extraordinary creature and a one-of-a- kind artist, she shaped and is shaping Berlin’s vibrant electronic club landscape as well as the global electronic music culture, to which she is dancing – all day and all night long.


“Kim Ann Foxman has had quite the career,” were FACT magazine’s words when she was inducted into their critically acclaimed podcast series in 2016. Hawaii born artist and DJ, she shot to fame as a vocalist and has since continued her rise to become one of New York’s finest DJs and a prolific producer in her own right.

Unfazed by trends and deeply rooted in the music, Foxman builds on the nostalgic records of her youth to create her own dynamic sound. A rare specimen who is equally likely to be found playing to intimate audiences as to huge festival crowds, her record selection is distinctive from that of her peers. She holds a highly regarded residency at Good Room in her home of Brooklyn, New York and is a regular at Panorama Bar in Berlin, places where she is able to explore different sounds whilst still captivating the dancefloor.

As a producer, Kim Ann Foxman delivers catchy hooks and haunting melodies, and is also celebrated for beguiling and original vocals. Her Firehouse Recordings imprint (inspired by the old firehouse in Brooklyn that is her studio and a creative hub for the like-minded) is responsible for a steady stream of mind-bending releases.

An effortless trendsetter, Foxman is well-known for her inimitable style and ability to move seamlessly between the music and fashion worlds. She has built solid relationships with brands like Gucci, Dior Homme, Prada, and Adidas. Through a deep dedication to music and an infectious positive outlook, Kim Ann Foxman output is a reflection of her genuine approach, which is felt by all wherever she plays.