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Lovestruckk (Nico Stojan & Holmar), Okaxy, Geju & Betelgeize

Public Works, On&On + Below Radar Present:

Lovestruckk (Nico Stojan & Holmar) all night in the main room

+ in the Loft

Okaxy (Wide Awake / Ninze & Okazy, Germany)
Geju (Leveldva / Zero, Moscow)
Betelgeize (Leveldva, Moscow)

Post Playa Shenanigans..

whole space / funktion one sound

https://soundcloud.com/wide-awake-8 / https://soundcloud.com/ninzeokaxy


According to the Miriam-Webster Dictionary, the first known use of the word Lovestruck was in the year 1652. The meaning of the word is when someone is powerfully affected by feelings of romantic love for someone. It is likely the word has been with us since the days of the cave dwellers. Most of us have felt this strong emotion, as there is nothing quite like the brain in love.

Nico Stojan & Holmar met in a cave of sorts on the dancefloor of Kater-Holzig in Berlin. An instant friendship formed and shortly after they began working on music together. A few years later, on a beautiful Tuesday morning at the 2016 Burn, they played the closing set of that year atop the Robot Heart bus. This set has since become the stuff of legend and where their collaboration received the name “Lovestruckk”.

Individually these fine gentlemen have been involved in dance music for a long time.

Nico was born and raised in Berlin and originally became a touring hip-hop turntablist who found his love for house and techno on the dance floor of Bar25. There he eventually became a part of their family of DJ’s and played the final set there when the club closed its doors. Fast forward to recent years, where Nico’s debut album made it to the Top Ten of Billboard Magazine’s Best Dance Music Albums for 2016 and now he can be found globetrotting and playing festivals and clubs all over the world.
Holmar is from Reykjavik, Iceland and became enchanted by electronic music and choreography as a teenager and from that point on has been making it his life’s passion. He moved to NYC in the late nineties and quickly became a part of the underground music scene, both as promoter and DJ. A few years later he co-founded “Thugfucker” and after releasing “Disco Gnome” on Life & Death, has since been touring the world.

Djing was both Nico & Holmar’s first love and individually they are known for playing many marathon sets into the late, late hours wherever they go. When they play together you can expect a musical journey intertwining the musical talents of these fine gentlemen, forming an amalgamation of sounds that will surely leave you Lovestruckk.


While most will remember OKAXY from his performances with his well known side projects, you should also know him with his rare solo performances. While responsible for the remarkable Keta- Pop projects, there was indeed little time remaining presenting you his significant style which makes NINZE & OKAXY and WIDE AWAKE so special. Widely traveled with a bunch of inspirations from regions all over the world he mixes everything up he delivers quite a forward- looking sets promising a long lasting experience – on the dance floor and far above from it.


Duo based in Moscow.
Geju music takes us on a journey through slow house, rituals sounds and chillrave. Welcome aboard.


Producer, curator of Mixmag Academy, label manager of Atami Tune, Leveldva, Resonance Moscow.
Based in Moscow, Russia.