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Don’t Try This At Home feat. BE SVENDSEN (All Day I Dream), DJ T (Get Physical)

Don’t Try This At Home is a new Friday night weekly in SF
This night is presented by The Great Northern, On&On, Deep Blue Airpusher

A Portion of proceeds for this event will be donated to ComputeForCancer.org a non-profit launching soon.

Be Svendsen

Be Svendsen aka Lasse Bruhn Svendsen produces an organic, melodic and nomadic style of groovy techno, which paints tonal stories that invoke the primal parts of your feral imagination.
After starting his solo project in 2011 releasing a series of EPs and remixes on various labels, the ripples spread via live performances, and a breakthrough into the international scene came in 2014. Touring through Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa, performing at festivals such as BOOM, Fusion, Burning Man, Symbiosis, and AfrikaBurn, the world quickly awoke to his enchanting vibrations.

While exploring a myriad of styles and musical traditions, Be’s live show-downs has developed into a melting pot of hypnotic desert-circus-shaman-cowboy-techno, incorporating elements of vocals, teased field-recordings, nostalgic samples and live instruments, mixed up with the meditative qualities of repetition.

His performance takes the audience on a deep experimental journey, providing a cinematic soundscape allowing the receivers to celebrate the light and dark parts of existence. It never fails to create an intense, shared experience that evokes big smiles and open hearts on the dance floor.

Lasse extracts the essence from soulfully simplistic and almost naive melodies, layered with Vintage-beats and an amalgamation of field recordings and organically nostalgic samples, providing a cinematic soundscape or a musical adventure, which beckons with familiar elements, whilst leading you further into unknown territory.

As Lasse sees it; “the music should ultimately connect you to a bigger picture. The goal is to express and convey a feeling, and to behold the moment – the essence of oscillating between a smile and a tear. I like to bring tragedy and humor together, and invite them up for a dance”.

The aim: to behold the moment in the outdoors—the perfect setting for a fusion of music and nature.

And with the recent release of ‘The Bar Tender’ on Lee Burridge’s revered All Day I Dream imprint with musical partner Seth Schwarz, and a mystical set at BPM Festival for the ADID crew, it appears that 2016 is going to be a landmark year for the Danish musical prodigy.

The late 80s were a pivotal moment as acid house swept through Europe, landing in Thomas’ new home of Frankfurt, and taking over with the launch of Sven Väth’s legendary Omen club in 1988. The first wave of house and techno took hold and T. was there at the forefront, absorbing all the fresh new sounds from Chicago, Detroit and the UK. He picked up a residency at the infamous Music Hall and held residencies at countless clubs across the city during the next 10 years from Plastik and Dorian Gray to The Box. By the end of the nineties, he was one of Frankfurt’s best-known selectors.

In 1989 DJ T. tapped into another side of his creative energy to set up Groove Magazine. Under his leadership, Groove became one of Germany’s premier dance music publications, and remains so today. With his experience gained under the Groove Magazine banner, DJ T. then went on to launch the club, Monza, in Frankfurt. He also invested his skills and knowledge into conceiving Get Physical – a label which remains one of the world’s best-known house and techno platforms. Though he left in 2010, T. still is involved in A&R for the label.

Production-wise, DJ T. has been consistent ever since his debut release, the ‘Monsterbaze’ EP with Steve Bug, released on Poker Flat in 2000. Since then, T. has released several well-received EPs, a slew of remixes and three albums, ‘Boogie Playground’ in 2005, ‘The Inner Jukebox’ in 2009 and ‘Pleasure Principle’ in 2011. His special touch has also been employed by numerous labels to curate compilation mixes, including ‘United Under The Ball – 30 Years Of Disco’ in 2011 and ‘The House That Jack Built Vol 1 & 2’ in 2012. With hot new releases on AUS Music and Moon Harbour, DJ T. continues to push his creative boundaries.

DJ T.’s reputation for being a master selector has been cemented by his superlative collection of music. A highly-skilled DJ, producer and an A&R rep with an uncanny ability to discover new talent, DJ T. is a master selector and one of the industry’s most influential figures.

J-KIND is an underground DJ/Producer currently residing in San Francisco, California. His diverse and eclectic style transcends many genres, and is currently focused on his burning passion for tech house. Listening to a J-KIND mix is inevitably a deep journey through various moods, and listeners are guaranteed a thrilling exploration of various emotions set to relentless, funky beats. Whether or not it’s deep, introspective, jazzy, urgent or imperative, your neck is guaranteed to move to the beat once he works the dancefloor into a frenzy with the bottomless crate of jewels in his crate.

J-KIND’s style is a derivation of many influences coming from the 1990’s era: Daniel Bell, Terry Francis, Richie Hawtin and Mark Farina being just a few of the many creative artists that helped shape his passion for electronic music. His career started with underground raves and parties all over the San Francisco Bay in 2001 and has taken him to Europe and beyond. He pioneers many underground parties in San Francisco, including a ground-breaking residency at Bad Habits, Temple, Bubble Lounge and Tanil, as well as guest appearances with Uniting Souls based in Seattle. He is currently holding a residency at EQ Wednesday’s at Wish, as well as throwing parties with the Airpusher Burning Man group. As he continues his quest for new sounds, you can be assured that whether or not he’s spinning vinyl, cd’s or using live instruments or software, you will notice what he calls “the beauty and power of DJ’ng – the ability to mix two tracks so creatively and uniquely, that a new song is created from the merger.”

As his sound continues to resonate through the San Francisco Bay and beyond, be assured any party with J-KIND on the bill will be an event not to miss.

Black Velveteen

Before she became Black Velveteen,
Chris Offutt was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. Her parents introduced her to a wide range of music; Motown to Mozart and everything in between. Some frequently featured artists in young Chris’s house were Aretha Franklin, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Wonder and Jaames Taylor.

From a very young age she dreamed of hosting her own radio show. In 2011 that dream came to fruition when she had her own show “ Progressions in House” on FNOOB based out of London.
She currently does a monthly show for PURE.FM deep house channel in addition for looking for new djs to host shows on the channel.
Chris has enjoyed DJing around the San Francisco Bay Area over the past 5 years. In 2012 she became the resident DJ and musical director at Aloft Hotel SFO. In 2013 Djing in the Pride Parade on the W Hotel float. She was in rotation at The End Up and does guest spots and Monarch and Wish. In 2016 Chris was asked to join AirPusher Collective.
Whether she is spinning for friends and family in her home or on Parade floats and Art Cars or Night Clubs Black Velveteen never fails to delight and inspire her audience!

What can I say? I love music and love to dance. From an early age, I was known for always being the girl who could find songs that fit perfectly together. My passion for music is evidenced by the range in genres and my willingness to explore the unusual. My sets have something for everyone that will take you on a journey from beginning to end. In the end, it will leave you wondering where it all started. Music is where it all begins for me and set the mood on a dance floor. Whether I’m spinning the tunes or on the dance floor, I like dark, rich nasty, beats. When the music moves me, you will find me on the dance floor. When the music moves you, you might just find me at the controls on the decks. Come with me on a journey through progressive music that will defy being labeled in one genre. You may be in for a surprising trip. See you on the dancefloor….