On&On SF

Nico Stojan & Kerala Dust (Live)

The Public Works SF, On&On & Below Radar Present:

Nico Stojan (Ouïe, Berlin)

Kerala Dust Live (Laut & Luise / Ouïe, UK / Berlin)

+ Peter Blick (Below Radar, Denver / SF)

Friday May 10th.

main room / funktion-one sound.

Nico Bio

Berlin native, Nico Stojan, has been all across the planet taking people on musical journeys since the early nineties. He developed a deep love for Jazz & Hip Hop before the vibrant growth of the famous Berlin electronic nightlife.
Once the Berlin scene took flight, Nico was expressing himself with euphoric sets as a resident at Bar25. It didn’t stop there.
Since then his sound has been welcomed by seas of desert dancers, festivals of warm hearts & clubs of ecstatic ravers.
Nico’s productions find perfect harmony between analog & digital sounds, irresistible grooves accompanied by entrancing melodies.
As the co-founder of Ouïe records, together with Acid Pauli, Nico is planning to produce more showcases and present his vision of modern dance music around the globe.

Kerala Dust Bio

Kerala Dust seeks to bridge that divide between electronic music and traditional songwriting, drawing on influences as far and wide as TomWaits, Talking Heads and Abdulla Rashim.
Currently based in South London, the strange and excessive confusion of the city is reflected back in the anonymity of Kerala Dust’s basement studio. Whether as a solo artist in production or as a live trio in performance: the members within the inclusive isolation of this project would like you to dance while also wondering if there’s really a point to anything. The realization that there is no point will merely be liberating.