On&On SF

Show & Tell feat. Blond:ish, Öona Dahl

On&On presents:
BLOND:ISH & Öona Dahl
Tickets: http://bit.ly/2QJMq3lWe invite you to a special afternoon event / early evening dance party with Yoga, a Symphonic Sound Bath, Arts & Crafts for kids, Gourmet Eats, and Musical Treats. 21+


////////////////////////////////// Details //////////////////////////////////////////

We have lined up amazing Dj’s and created a space for kids to make art, so parents can dance while the children play.

Tickets to Yoga, Sound Bath and Arts & Crafts include access to the headlining DJ’s BLOND:ISH & Öona Dahl playing on the Patio from 6-9PM

The music will be outdoors on the Patio, and the other activities will take place inside the Art Gallery

On&On will be giving a portion of proceeds to ComputeForCancer.org

////////////////////////////////// TIMELINE //////////////////////////////////////

3-4PM: Doors Open, Music, Drinks, Food
4-5PM: Yoga with Silvie Hibdon
5-6PM: Symphonic Sound Bath by Waterhouse
3:30-10PM (Patio): BLOND:ISH & Öona Dahl DJ set
6-9PM: Arts & Crafts for kids + Gourmet food in the kitchen

///////////////////// AMBIENT VINYASA YOGA /////////////////////////////

Silvie S. Hibdon
Instagram: @silviehibdonyoga

is a one of the top verified trainers on a mobile fitness app Workout Trainer by Skimble whose active community has pushed Workout Trainer to be the #1 workout app on Google Play and Samsung Apps. She is the creator of Skimble’s two programs: “Beginner’s Guide: Yoga” and “Yoga Sculpt.” She was also responsible for creating Skimble’s yoga library of poses.

She was recognized as one of the most viewed writers on yoga on Quora, one of the most popular yoga instructors at Crunch Fitness, and a regular contributor to YogaWorks’s blog BALANCE.

Silvie brings almost a decade of teaching into her classes and has taught locally as well as internationally. Her emphasis on inward focus leads students deeper into their practice. She encourages her students to utilize the power of breath movement and self-awareness to access our natural state – alert yet at ease.

Silvie’s intention is to create space for her students so that they can give themselves permission to feel, to become friends with all the parts of human experience. She teaches thoughtfully sequenced flow classes that incorporate the basic principles of yoga and address the needs of modern yogis.

////////////////////// SYMPHONIC SOUND BATH //////////////////////////

Symphonic Sound Bath by Waterhouse
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/waterhouse.sf/

A beautiful sound bath that combines select tracks from Journeys in Sound Meditation composed by Gian Berselli with live sound healing instruments such as the symphonic gong, wave drum, Treeworks chimes and Koshi chimes. The Symphonic sound bath is deeply relaxing and will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

The sound bath will take place int the art gallery following Silvie’s yoga class. Sound bath ticket holders will have a reserved spot on luxurious white fur blankets and offered Cacao at the beginning of the experience.

Anyone attending the yoga class may also enjoy the sound bath on their yoga mats.

/////////////////// ARTS & CRAFTS FOR KIDS //////////////////////////////

Art Teacher -Lish Dawn Bio
lish dawn is an independent installation and mixed media artist. She has a BFA in printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute and over a decade of experience as a watercolorist. lish is an instructor at Spaulding Marine Center for youth and adults, where she creates & teaches unique workshops from papermaking with invasive plants to marine biology studies combined with watercolor.

A sailboat in the San Francisco Bay and a cabin off the grid in the woods are her dual homes. Her work captures a migration from mountain, to city, to sea; documenting observation of growth in precarious areas. Through a meditative practice of close observation and connection to place, she reflect how creatures and materials exist differently depending on their environment. Her work is detailed and delicate. A dreamlike atmosphere is rooted in silent reverence and solace in moments of stillness.

She has several permanent installations in the Financial District and has shown work at the MacBean Gallery as well as serveral pop-ups in the East Bay.

///////////////////////////////// HEADLINERS //////////////////////////////////

Blond:ish, Öona Dahl


Anstascia and Vivie-Ann AKA BLOND:ISH’s success lies in their eclectic musical creativity and their openhearted, spiritually attuned approach. Seeking a natural balance through constant evolution, the duo’s music responds to varied worldwide
environments and surroundings, rather than accepting limits imposed by either genre, location or gender barriers.

They play across house and techno genres, aiming for an uplifting and joyful otherworldly experience for listeners and party-goers alike.

BLOND:ISH began in 2008 as a party night which Vivie-Ann and Anstascia ran at Cherry club Montreal, and which organically became their joint name. International gigs and releases on labels including Noir Music and Get Physical brought them to the attention of Kompakt. This began a fruitful relationship with the revered label, which was home to their acclaimed debut album ‘Welcome to the Present’ in 2015. Three years on, the duo continue to embrace new fields, spreading their musical message worldwide through regular international appearances including Burning Man, WooMooN, Circoloco and their ABRACADABRA events in Tulum, USA and Scorpios (Mykonos), their summer residency last year. The duo were leading lights as the Tulum scene began to flower. Their international career blossomed with it, and in 2017, their ABRACADABRA brand was born on a beach in Tulum, crafted by BLOND:ISH and two friends. Meaning ‘I create as I speak’ in Aramaic, ABRACADABRA is a musical movement achieving international success. The signature blend is music, mischief and mayhem, with surprise DJs and edible décor which join together to form ‘a kind of backdoor to discovering our inner child.’ Part of this is their ‘sustainable raving’ credo, aiming by example to inspire promoters to work towards self-sustaining, single-use plastic-free events. Their ABRACADABRA lifestyle, event and party brand is currently celebrating its second year by budding into a record label this spring, with return residencies lined up at Scorpios (Mykonos), Ibiza, and sharing the magic with a stage at Tomorrowland for both dates. Their passionate commitment to spirituality and the environment has them spearheading a groundbreaking ‘sustainable raving’ movement. Anstascia and Vivie-Ann are deeply passionate about yoga, meditation and metaphysics, and plan month-long ABRACADABRA events and retreats to build on their passion. Vivie-Ann is a crypto enthusiast, aiming to reach and inspire people through the concept of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. With a South American tour this year and some vibrant new label debuts, residencies and festival gigs worldwide, as well as their new ABRACADABRA label on the horizon, BLOND:ISH will keep evolving and changing, while staying true to their own vision of the world and of music.


Öona Dahl

A remarkable dedication comes from Öona Dahl and her passion for electronic music. With an open mind and a vast range of music knowledge, she knows how to connect on another level when playing her music to the crowd. Transforming dance floors into spaces wreathed in sound, Öona Dahl’s home is found beyond the conscious state. Testing traditional musical limits with extended mixes, isochronic tones and melodies, Öona’s breadth of skill behind the decks is hard to match.

A graduate of The International Academy of Design and Technology for Digital Media and Recording Arts. Her original production spans broad dancefloor territory, from Techno, Deep House to Experimental Electronica. Finding the balance between light and dark with both her solo work and as Slumber has kept her inspired and able to express both arrays of emotions through her sound.