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F.Y.I. Featuring Patricio (DoLab, Favela Music)

Our first experience hearing Patricio was in 2001 at Burning Man, and this night has never been forgotten. Clawing my way to the booth and asking people along the way, “Who is this guy…anyone know the Deejay’s name?”.  He’s a top tier artist in our book, who’s always consistently good, and versatility.  It makes sense,  Patricio’s experience in the early 90’s behind the decks converted into a profound knowledge of what people want on the dance floor.  His sound has been known to be all over the musical spectrum, creating a force that makes you want to move and smile a the same time. Full of synths, tribal and psychedelic rythms and beats and lush basslines.  At On&On, we Love Basslines! We sat down with Patricio to bring you this installment of Free You Inhibitions…

Patricio On&OnWhere were you born? 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

What type of music did you listen to growing up?

My dad is a musician and a Tango music producer. I was raised exposed to a lot of tango at early age but I’ve always been open to every  type of music from Jazz and classical to Punk rock and Metal until I discovered electronic music in 1990 after I moved to Los Angeles in 1988 from Argentina.

What is your ideal set length, and what’s the longest set you’ve played?

I would have to say that an Ideal set will have to be at least 3 hours. In order to be able to take everyone in a musical Journey. I have played up to 8 hours straight or 14 hours in 2 different sound systems in the same day.

What’s the best sound system you’ve ever heard?

I love the sound of the d&b audiotechnik system… super clean and full. Then Meyer Sound comes on a close second place. Patricio On&On 1

Can you describe how your style music sounds? (For context, it’s 3AM, and you are playing a warm open air venue, with an amazing sound system and there’s 1500 people who are huge fans of yours)  

I love playing music that makes ME want to dance. I like music that invokes good energy, makes people get excited and smile, great grooves, driving bass, melodic synths, sometimes a little tribal, sometimes more psychedelic. I try to break through the stereopype of genres but always keeping a certain flow and congruence.

What’s the most memorable set you’ve heard in the last few months?

I will have to say the one that has stayed in my memory the most goes back 2 years in Tulum. On the beach under a magical full moon, NU, Acid Pauli, JO.KE, Raz Ohara and Christopher Schwarzwalder. All together. A beautiful night of music. Other than that… Marques Wyatt a the FAVELA BAR at Lightning in a Bottle.

If you could go to space and return, how long would you stay for, who would you bring, and where would you go?

Probably no more than a few days, I would bring my wife and probably around the moon and back… go check and make sure there is no big alien ships lurking and waiting to take over the earth. Patricio On&On 2

If you had to come up with a weird name for a track, what would it be?


Did Noah have woodpeckers on the ark? If he did, where did he keep them?

In his tool box?

What happens to an irresistible force when it hits an immovable object?

They decided to go for drinks? I’m sure if the force is irresistible it won’t say no to the object! 

Patricio @ The Famous TuTu Tuesday
Patricio @ TuTu Tuesday

Big Thank You to Patricio for taking the time to connect with us for this installment of F.Y.I. Come listen to his play live Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at The Public Works. Discounted Tix Here .

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